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The Highland Stage is a 501(c)3 not for profit community theatre company that was founded in 1997 by William R Donald Jr. on the promise that a local barn would be turned into a theatre for us.  When that promise fell through, Father Steve Steele, the parent of two of his theatre students, offered his church .......so the company began!  The first season the company did 2 plays and a musical at St. Thomas Church.  The company soon grew to 3 plays, 1 full scale Musical and 1 Youth Troupe musical per season.  We had a year residency at Legends Resort Hotel before going back to our original home at St. Thomas Episcopal Church. Adequate space is still an issue since, after Father Steele's death in 2005, we lost that space and still do not have a space of our own. Currently, Holy Counselor Lutheran Church has been generous in permitting the Highland Stage use of that building for auditions and rehearsals.At this point in time the company only does one major musical per season with the youth from the community.  It performs at Vernon Township High School each summer in early August.  As of 2003, The Highland Stage operates exclusively as a Youth Theatre Company, performing one major musical in the summer, with kids, age ranges between 10-19.

Our Founder

William R Donald Jr. with his NJ Governor’s Award for Distinguished Service to Theatre Education

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide opportunity for anyone interested to participate in a theatrical experience. We are professionally staffed, guaranteeing that all partipants will have professional guidance in the process.

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The Highland Stage is a

501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

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